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Episode 10: U.S. Senator James Lankford on the Biden COVID Bill and Importance of Non-Profits

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U.S. Senator James Lankford

U.S. Senator James Lankford joins Sam Stone and Chuck Warren on this episode of Breaking Battlegrounds. Senator James Lankford serves Oklahomans. He served four years in the US House of Representatives for central Oklahoma, until he was overwhelmingly elected to the US Senate in 2014. Before his service in Congress, Senator Lankford served students and families for more than 20 years in ministry, including 15 years as the Director of Student Ministry for the Baptist Convention of Oklahoma and Director of the Falls Creek Youth Camp, the largest youth camp in the United States, with more than 51,000 individuals attending each summer.

Senator Lankford and his staff enjoy serving people from all backgrounds across Oklahoma. As chairman of the Regulatory Affairs and Federal Management Subcommittee, which covers federal spending, regulatory reform, and the federal workforce, he demands we have a more fiscally responsible and transparent federal government, and our nation remains the world leader. He believes that the federal government has an important role in our nation, but empowered families, individual people, and private businesses grow our economy and pass down our values.

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